All about Teachers…


Here’s a big shout out to all of my teachers when I was in school, WAY back when.
Thank you for teaching me to spell. As a result I can read and learn anything that my eyes can see.
Thank you also for teaching me the fundamentals of math and science, and even making me stay late after school some days to make up things I messed up. Because of your persistence I can do simple and even complex transactions involving money. Because of you I have the basic skills to solve problems effectively and completely. There were times I hated some of what I thought were senseless exercises in geometry and algebra. But that information gave me the basics to have sense enough to figure things out on my own.
Even teachers who taught art and music also set the stage for me to have fullness in my life, as I now enjoy color and form and the sweet sound of music of all kinds.
Then there were the teachers in my church that taught me the basics of faith in a God who is my creator and provider. Teaching me about God helped me have an understanding that the whole world didn’t revolve around me but revolved around a power much higher than I and that He never changes.
Finally to my parents who taught me how to take what I had learned and take flight and helped push me out of the nest and fly on my own. My folks also taught me about passion for life and compassion for people. As a result I have the ability love people and as a result hopefully make this world a better place to live.
Love your teachers, but also learn how to be one too. Then you’ll have the capacity to carry the torch of America pride and exceptionalism to the generations after you.