Intentional Pursuit of the New Year

I’ve not had a chance to do any writing lately. The holidays are a hard time for me to be reflective or be creative with my thoughts. There’s just too many distractions!

Going into a new year I find myself somewhat bored. Following a heavy grind of work, parties, gifts and family gatherings during the holiday season it can leave you in a state of “I don’t know what to do now?” With us all, each new year should come a renewed sense of purpose and resolve in some or many areas. Each year I hear less and less about other people’s New Year’s resolutions. I think people are tired of stating their goals or changes only to find themselves a few days or weeks bemoaning how they’ve failed. But in reality is a good practice to have needed changes implanted in your mind that you may be wanting to accomplish? Perhaps it is to just live a healthier life by changing an eating habit? Or maybe it is simply the desire to be more intentionally active? Something as simple as a needed garage cleanout can be just the sort of thing that helps you get off of dead center and give you a renewed sense that you’ve done something worthwhile and different – for a change!

For me I have many a task before getting my landscape and exterior back in shape at my home. Having had a tornado devastate my property a little more than a year ago, I have a myriad of tasks to do in my yardscape. The cleanup process has been an ongoing thing for over a year. And that is still happening each time I step foot outside. I keep finding random roof shingles, nails, metal and just about everything else under the sun in my yard and beds. I keep telling myself – it just takes time.

There are certainly relationship issues that could use refining and updating. Just like physical work outside, there are times in relationships with co-workers, friends and relatives that require pruning, fertilizing and watering. Doing such things will make your life blossom in some of the same ways that your horticultural world also benefits. Perhaps you’ve reconnected with an old friend? Going to lunch with them (intentionally) will help you reconnect and strengthen each other’s lives. Perhaps your relationship with your spouse could use some tilling and growing. Even after many years of marriage I find myself realizing that my bride needs my attention just as much now as 43 years ago.

So for the new year I would encourage anyone listening to reflect on where you are and find areas of your life that can use some work. Set goals on what you’d like to change for this year. Make concrete plans for those changes and make a total resolve to make them happen. Don’t take no for the answer when you want to be lazy in accomplishing these goals. Be intentional in everything you do. Get up earlier than normal and get more accomplished than you even think you can. Make it a good year with positive desires and goals. Make someone happy about themselves. The end result will be that you will find that you were the one that’s benefitted more for your intentional plan for the year.

Now – I need to get up and moving.