The Demonization of Christianity – Part 1

Mainstream media outlets of every type have become effective tools used in the demise of America. They condone every form of societal evil that exists. Based on whose interviewed and the way in which the probing questions are formatted it shows us display that journalism in American has morphed into any but objective delivery of truth. Instead of reporting news for what it is, it becomes quickly evident that they are completely “in the tank” for things we all generally accepted as morally and intrinsically wrong.

We all know the subject matter. It’s not even necessary to call them out. With a thinking rational mind, and any sense of morality, you know exactly the subjects of which we speak.

It’s been going on for a while now. Any downward change to a foundational principles or standards happens slowly at first. Subtle change and veiled innuendo begin. It’s like being insulted quietly. Then society becomes more and more hardened to the change. The ones who have a weak or lacking moral compass laughingly begin to accept things that were once considered taboo. Then as time marches on the forbidden turns to acceptance. More passing days then ushers in promotion and participation.

In the early stages of our downward spiral (during the “shock period”) opponents of the loosening of the moral belt might get a listening ear and even some agreement from many loose followers of the truth. But the barrage of repeated assaults on our national character continued. Then we experienced the “scoffing stage” as sane and decent men tried to stand up for truth and goodness but were laughed down as being simply foolish.

Next came the “mocking stage” a few years ago. The name calling began. Lovers of goodness were starting to be called haters. They were also told they were being intolerant of progressive ideas. When people mock you, you either run or stand up and fight back. Fighting back usually fuels the fire of the mocker. Then the defense of truth turns into an ugly battle of wits.

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s we sort of laughed at the phrase “If it feels good, do it”. Then a popular sports shoe shortened that quote to “Just Do it”. More and more people began embracing that thought.  It took a little before people adopted that mantra and starting living fully with that mindset. But it did finally happen, and on a wholesale basis.

There are many responsible parties and forces at playing in the intentional demise of our land. Now anyone who openly shares their faith in a creator God is branded and labeled as someone less than intelligent. Having a moral and then biblical stance on any subject will surely put you in the camp as one whose “cheese has fallen off his cracker”.

There will be more to come with this discussion, but for now I will leave you with this idea in mind. How do we live morally going forward?

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