Faith – Does it Really Work?

Knowing truth is very important. Burying bits and bytes of tested truths into your memory can be like having a life preserver tucked under the seat of an unsinkable ship. You just “know” you will ever need it. Yet there it remains under the seat, untouched.

To keep a ship moored at the dock for fear of future storm nullifies the purpose of having a boat. Sailing vessels are now equipped with every form of radar, sonar, radio, digital satellite communications, back up engines and generators. Yet there are still life boats and life preservers on board.

The importance of tucking away ageless nuggets of wisdom cannot be overlooked into your life’s ship. Times of trial, chaos and despair will surely come. Always remember to keep that orange vest securely tucked away. You never know when it will be needed.

In our youth we wrongly assumed that hard times would never befall us. We seemed invincible. We made no disaster plans, we had no backups, we reserved nothing with which to help ourselves when things went bad. We simply thought bad things would not happen to us. Therefore we lived in oblivious worlds.

The reality is that things do break, plans do fail, jobs are lost, homes are destroyed, and people do die, with no concept that these things do really happen to virtually all of us.

As young adults my bride and I were fortunate to have had some really good teaching shared with us. And not just life lesson teachings from parents and friends. We had biblical truths that were laid out before us by gifted and faithful men. We listened, we learned, we memorized, we even applied some of the simpler truths we were being taught during that period. The basis of what we were taught were qualities about God. Those basic truths resonated as we grew in our understanding of who God really was.

God is Infinite. This means he has always been and will always be.

God is Omniscient. That means he knows it all.

God is Omnipresent.  That means he is everywhere, at all times.

God is Merciful. This means he has compassion on His creation.

God is Just. He is the ultimate judge and his decisions are based on goodness.

God is Love. Everything he thinks and does come from a position of love.

There’s a longer list of other traits about who God really is, that I won’t share now. But I’d like you to understand that we learned just enough, early enough, during our faith building years that we knew we could trust in God, and even trust in him when things didn’t seem to be going as planned.

When problems come into our lives we can always fall back on what we know to be true about our God. One attribute not mentioned is that He is Faithful. We can always rely on him because we believe that He has our ultimate good in mind, at ALL times. When you grasp this truth (and hold on to it) it takes away a ton of doubt and fear and allows you to transfer your worries back to knowing that He (or God) is still in control.

Faith does work. I believe. I trust. I rest. Because our good God.


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