Destination – Unknown?

Destination – Unknown?
Ever think about the many ways that we get to where we are going? In our country we have the Appalachian Trail, the Chisholm Trail, Route 66, and many State and Interstate Highways that cris-cross virtually square mile of the country. These are normally well known highways and byways and most of them are clearly marked from one end to the other.
Some of the paths we take in our journeys are not even marked in any way. Some of them are way back in the woods somewhere and you might be the only one that knows the path without getting lost. But your previous experience leads you back out every time.
Sometimes we take paths without any knowledge of which way to go. Sometimes our trips may be made in stormy weather or in the dark of night. Many times we think we know the way, but we get lost and have to back track to find another way to go. Or we have to stop and ask for directions from someone who knows how to get there.
Many of our travels involve using a map, a GPS unit or even a navigation system on our phones to lead us to our exact destination. Without these tools most of us haven’t a clue about which direction to travel.
While getting ready for work this morning I thought about my own life. And I thought to myself, do I really know where I’m going and how I can get there? Not sure if this was a wake up call about my life or just another random crazy thought. But I am questioning myself now with this idea. Do I really have a planned destination? And if I do, do I possess the tools and directions in order to get there?
As we live out our lives, we can get so wrapped up in the daily grind of things that we may overlook basic planning of any kind. And if we don’t know where we’re even headed, we surely can’t get there can we? So may be the case in your own life.
What kind of man or woman do we aspire to be? Do we want to emulate a parent or some other admired person from your past? Becoming who we want to be requires, at least, a little planning. Without planning life may take you to destinations you don’t want to go. 
I challenge myself and anyone reading this to do a little self evaluation today. See if you are headed where you want to be. Want to be a better Dad or Mom? Want to aspire to something good or great? Want to be the top salesperson? Decide who you are today. Plan out your route. Make the necessary course corrections to lead you out of darkness or storm. Ask others for help in your journey. Don’t be afraid to admit you’ve lost your way or that you don’t have a map or guide for directions.
Others before us have traveled many roads. It is wise to lean on the experiences (and failures) of others to help us on our own journeys.
Finally, being a person of faith, I would be remiss without telling you that our God has a plan and purpose for your life and wants to give us the destination location and directions on how to get there. He can lead you on your journey. He’s already given us directions and the guide. He’s taken others before us on their respective journeys. Some have gotten lost on their way and had to back track too. Some of them even knew the way to go and took a different path. Those successes and failures are recorded for our benefit in the book we call the Bible.
The Bible may seem like an ancient and outdated map to you. But as you open it and read and meditate on it, the author can and will show you where you want to end up in your journey. And he will surely make sure you have ample directions and signs pointing you in the right direction.
Be a sojourner. Ask for help along the way. Watch out for unplanned detours. On your journey be sure and stop and take time to plan and evaluate from time to time to make sure you are going the right way.
I sincerely hope you find your destination.    

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