Clearing the Cobwebs – Seinfeld Style

Clearing the Cobwebs – Seinfeld Style
Ever feel like your mind is a jumbled mess, sort of like a desk with much paper in disarray? Being an ADD type person I can live with a messy desk. I can put my hands on just about anything I need with no Post-It Note or color sticker tab attached. I can locate one page in a three piles of fifty. In my drawer I can locate an obscure item in the midst of a total mess. But my mind is a different matter. I get so many things floating or flying around in the 7 inch hat rack known as my head, that there are times I have to just force myself to sit down and write (type). Today is one such day. Time to arrange my thoughts, release some frustrations, take a stand, clean out the recesses of my gray matter, whether it matters or not.  
Seeing other people blog about subjects ranging from Apples to Food to Faith to Zoology, makes me see that there truly is a place for Seinfeld like writing. Seinfeld was the master of making a long running popular show about nothing. And it worked.
Although I am very busy at this time of year (decade) I seem to thrive on always being a little bit behind and with 40 tasks up in the air at the same time. But I just can’t seem to get that dang belt rack hung in closet at home. It’s been at least three weekends since I promised my wife and myself I’d hang it. Whoops. Hasn’t happened yet. Just can’t seem to get back around to it? I guess she needs to “write me up” or put me on probation from Blue Bell for a while until I get those small tasks done.
I can tackle projects involving millions of dollars (literally) but can’t seem to move that old bicycle from the back yard to a better place. Being the unorganized person that I am Excel has been a godsend lifesaver helping me organize a wee part of my life. Who would have thunk it? I guess it must help because I can add colors to the cells and set up large fonts in BOLD and I can even highlight different columns with the spectrum of the rainbow.
And gadgets seem to help me too. If I see a new product or gizmo and can plug them in or set them up, that seems to help a boring day seem much brighter. I guess us ADD’ers have to have color and variety to give us a buzz?! Go figure?   
While I’ve been typing I see that I am up to 139 unopened emails at this time. So I supposed my project list has just been boosted to orbit (again). Let’s see, where was I before I started writing? Oh I remember I was on my way to get coffee or was that Friday? Oh well I’ll just go get a coke since it is almost noon.
OK, my mind is clear again. I feel much better. Feeling a bit like Cozmo Kramer today.