My how time flies!!!

I’m how old??
When we were young who ever thought they would be old enough to attend a 40th High School Reunion? YIKES!
Yep, that weekend is upon me. Within 36 hours I will be able to look myself in the mirror and see how I stack up to how all of my classmates have also faired in the aging process. Although most joints these days hurt on alternating days, believe it or not I still think like I’m 18 again.
I catch myself wanting to ride around town late at night listening to my favorite tunes in the heat of the summer night with no AC in my car. There soon became another element to be added, my “young love”. Yep, after my short stint at drinking and driving and getting caught doing all kinds of wrong, my life reversed course at the perfect time and soon after God got ahold of my life, I found the love of my life! Talk about incentive to keep my life going in the right direction! My sweet wife of 37 years now made my personal life full while my God at the same time was filling my cup spiritually.
It’s been a wild ride. A fun ride. A tiresome ride. A weary ride at times. But it has been a ride filled with hurt but many many more joys at the end of the day.
It is really neat to read Facebook posts from friends from high school that have maintained their marriages and many whom I wondered would ever settle down tell the story of how God has impacted their lives.
I’m sure there are also some war stories that may never be heard or told from lives that did go down in flames, but for this weekend we will reminisce on the redeeming sides of the stories. I’d really like to find out what other people have been up to REALLY. I want to know if my own struggles compare in any way and see if others have found the same answers I’ve been able to find as we try and live this life to its fullest.
So on Monday morning next week I hope to be able to report some good stories of people like me who have feet of clay, but who have kept the faith and who are finishing strong.